We want restaurants to remain
independent, free and successful.

With Seatris.ai you can empower your restaurant team to remain independent.
And with independence comes freedom. With freedom comes creativity and success.


The last sales assistant you will hire.

Seatris.ai is an intelligent reservation and revenue management assistant for your front-of-house team. Together with you, our mission is to build technology that supports your restaurant team, and to sell any available seat that you have. We make that possible by applying technology such as artificial intelligence.

Start to manage daily seats, tables, guests and their bookings more efficiently.



Built with some of the most
successful restaurateurs of the world.

Here are some selected Seatris.ai partners:

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Reduce no-shows to 0.1%, save up to € 80.000 per year and increase your restaurants’ revenue by 20% applying smart technology.

Vivien Richter, Seatris.ai founder and chief executive officer



Let our virtual assistant optimize your restaurant capacity 24/7. Seatris.ai knows how to win table Tetris with the highest score. It sells up to 20-30% more seats every day.


Your virtual assistant informs waitlisted diners about new availability, sends offers to interested regular diners and keeps track of all marketing needs your restaurant has.


Skip the hassle of taking orders and payments for your staff: Take mobile orders, pre-sell special offers or group menus to your diners on their own mobile devices.



Increase your annual turnover by at least 20%, stop no-shows, seat more guests and pay fair monthly flat fees.

Backed by the industry’s best 24/7/365 support team and former restaurant professionals.



Get more guests. 

Use Seatris.ai to reach 1.6 billion guests free of charge with the most successful channels available online: Google Business, Tripadvisor, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Customize your own white labeled booking widget to attract more guests online. Offer international guests to book in their preferred language.


No per cover fees.

We don't charge per cover fees for guests booking your restaurant online.

Instead, we offer you the opportunity to build a healthy business, as well as to avoid paying up to 16% and more of your revenue to a global booking provider.


Let guests order online

Bring more of your business processes online and let guests not only book seats, but order on their mobile what they like to eat. Either before they show up or though directly at the table.

Create and sell your offerings online. Your guests won’t only experience an upgrade in hospitality, but they’ll be able the mundane experience of order and payment. Future proof your restaurant with online ordering and soon business invoices.

Allow groups to book and soon pre-pay for their favorite group menu or send them a selection they can choose from.

2019 is the year of mobile ordering. It reduces manpower, time needed on the phone, increases revenues and enriches the guest experience for both: your customers and your guests.


We build trustworthy relationships with our partners, based on passion and strong industry knowledge.

Read how hospitality leaders benefit from Seatris.ai as a smart assistant:


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