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We want to empower your restaurant team to remain independent. And with independence comes freedom. With freedom comes creativity and success. iPad App @3x.png

Your Management Assistant is an intelligent reservation and table management assistant for your front-of-house team. In everything we do, our mission aims to build technology that supports your restaurant team to sell any seat you have available. We make that possible by applying technology such as artificial intelligence.

Start to manage daily seats, tables, guests and their bookings more efficiently.
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Attract more guests

Use to reach 1.6 billion guests free of charge with the most successful channels available online: Google Business, Tripadvisor, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Stop paying per cover fees for your online bookings

Every of our restaurant partners is offered a customizable and platform-independent online booking widget for all your marketing channels to convert more visitors into regulars. We don't charge per cover fees for online bookings.


We build trustworthy relationships with our partners, based on passion and the strong industry knowledge of our customer success team.

How hospitality leaders use as a smart assistant.


Stop losing up to $400.000 on booking changes in your restaurant every year.


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