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Seatris offers smart table management, 24/7 live online bookings, automatic waitlists, intelligent assistance & recommendations, secured credit card bookings, performance insights dashboard. The software enables to manage multiple outlets at once, share guests within your restaurant network and streamline data from other connected restaurant systems such as POS software. 

"This is the future tech stack for hospitality leaders."
–Vivien Richter, Founder of Seatris

Seatris Assistant supports your restaurant staff 24/7 on 365 days a year. Our software runs web-based on PC, desktop and mobile. Sign up for a one month free of charge trial.

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The Secret Sauce

These three products combined to make a smart business suite will help save time, increase revenue, track loyal customers and help your brand stay ahead of the curve.



Your full-stack backend tool for managing bookings, guests and tables.



Helps to market your restaurant alongside your friends to create regional brand awareness and help fill seats.



Your API-integration service to grow your brand and improve operations through smart data.

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Seatris Team

"Hi, I am Nathalie, a former hospitality professional and your Seatris Client Service Manager. I will consult you on how to use Seatris for your specific business. You can add me on LinkedIn or send a direct message. Let´s design your perfect tech stack together."

Nathalie Becker
Global Sales & Client Service Manager
Restaurant Tech Stack Consultant
phone: +49 30 81 45 40 400