Let's turn your table(s) around

We believe that technology can improve your daily work flows and save your valuable time. Time that can be spent to serve your guests. Time you can invest in your restaurant’s development for success. And time for more important things in your and your team’s life like sleep, family life, sports, PlayStation or whatever it may be.

We want to guarantee a reliable reservation for every single table in your restaurant.


Seatris is an independent reservation & table management assistant for your front-of-house team. Our digital guestbook (CRM) stores all your customer data. With Seatris, every restaurant is offered a customizable and platform-independent online booking widget for all marketing channels to convert more visitors into guests. Integration with other technology tools is possible (POS, PMS and many more).


CEO & founder Vivien Richter explains Seatris in a nutshell


We earn our clients' trust by making an impact on their business performance - every day.

How hospitality leaders use Seatris as a smart assistant.


Stop losing up to $370.000 on booking changes every year.