3 strategies to attract Generation Z customers to your restaurant


Your restaurant can have different type of customers and it appears essential to understand their specific expectations. The last one, you should know about is called Generation Z”. People born after 1996, make up 26% of the population now and their presence is expected to grow to 40% by 2020.

This generation is defined by some unique characteristics that you should take into consideration for your restaurant. Here are some of them with some exclusive tips for your restaurant:


An active lifestyle

They’re a population that is extremely connected on social media. They are moving or living  in big cities, making new friends and experiencing new cultures and foods. They’re forming habits now and making adult decisions for the first time, which might impact their possible favorite restaurants.

Gen Z commands about $828 billion in purchasing power, and much of the group’s spending goes toward food, according to a Unidays survey of 1,800 college students last summer.

What we’re starting to see is they’re spending more on food than predecessors and being more frugal elsewhere” says Marisa Allan, vice president of partner innovation at Unidays.

On average, they spend between $10 and $20 on a restaurant order and 15% drop upwards of $20, according to the report titled “Gen Z: What Restaurants Need to Know.”

⇒ Mobile offers and promotions that reach students when they’re likely to be hungry can be effective in wooing spur-of-the-moment diners.


They love social media & responsible restaurants

Generation Z is the first to grow up as digital natives, raised with phones in their hands that makes them unique when it comes to influencing and being influenced by opinions online (probably comments).They have specific expectations when looking for restaurants. The goal is to teach them something, entertain them or give them something of value.

They’re also looking for food that fits in with their values. You should focus on food and the importance of nutrition and, in addition to transparent labeling and shorter ingredient lists.

⇒ Your restaurant would do well to include food pictures and videos in their social media marketing and promotional offers to them.


Forget about old traditional advertising!

They rely mostly on Word-of-mouth: 20% hear about new items from social media and 19% from friends. All that said, 93% said they’re driven by discounts to try new restaurants.

⇒ For example, if your restaurant has slower traffic at night, you could offer special promotions after 8 p.m., which would appeal to the 80% of students surveyed who said they would eat at off peak times if there was a discount.

To make them local customers, you should focus on getting them into the restaurants and tasting the food. If you can create compelling offers and tell the story of the brand, that gets them on track to become loyal customers.”

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Source: https://www.smartbrief.com/original/2018/02/how-restaurants-and-food-brands-can-win-over-gen-z