How to use LinkedIn for my restaurant?


At Seatris, we believe that social media can really help restaurants and we assist them in that matter. However, we noticed that only a few use Linkedin. This Marketing channel offers you a lot of possibilities for your restaurant. Let’s discover which ones :

Build a PROFESSIONAL network

The primary purpose of Linkedin is to connect with professionals, while Facebook is about friends. In that context, it is the perfect place to engage a conversation with potential decision makers about corporate events that your restaurant might host. Moreover, do not forget that you can connect with local professionals which is strategic for your restaurant.

Have a strategy

Some restaurants create a company page while others just use their personal page to connect with guests. At Seatris, we recommend you to use your personal page and basically become the face of the company on this channel. Use Facebook or Instagram to focus on the social aspect of your guests (Post picture of your dishes, create events, etc.) but on Linkedin, focus on the professional life of your guests.

Connect with guests

You must seek to connect with people on a daily basis. A good idea would be to start with your loyal guests and expand from there. For instance, if you had an interesting conversation with a guest during the day, feel free to send a connection request when you have time. You can also ask for introduction through your mutual connections on Linkedin.

Another key thing for you to do is to connect with “strategic potential guests”. For instance, you want this company located near you to celebrate their next event at your restaurant! All you have to do is to use the search bar and look for someone in charge of corporate events in this very company, if you are lucky, you might even find shared connections with that person and then ask for an introduction.

Be active

Linkedin is composed of a news feed, it means that if you post something, your connections might see it. We recommend you to post updates about catering services, contests or lunchtime specials to increase your reach on social media.



You could also share positive information about your guests by mentioning them directly in your post. For instance you could post something like “Congratulations to [Guest’s name] for his new position at [Company name]” that will increase your visibility in this company potentially.

Linkedin is definitely a must-have tool for your restaurant. At Seatris, we invite you to integrate it into your Marketing strategy and we would be thrilled to show you how, if you need to learn more about it.