How to easily attract guests on Facebook?


Facebook is not only a great place to build a community around your restaurant but also to find guests through its specific tools. In this article, we will show you how to set up your first marketing campaign to attract local or international guests.


Before getting into the technique, you need to decide whether you want to advertise your restaurant via coupons, special offers or a link to your website. Needless to say, that special offers and coupons usually have the most success on social media. Now you have to ask yourself, do you want to attract new guests or convert the ones in your database? Keep in mind that many Facebook users will see your ad on their homepage. Therefore you need to be creative when it comes to your content.  This could be a video or a picture, with a short text so you need to create something original, appealing or perhaps fun.

Step 1 - Download Ads Manager

If you already have a Facebook business page, you can head straight to the Facebook Ads Manager to create your Facebook ad campaign. If you don’t yet have a business page, you’ll need to create one first.

Step 2 - Select your campaign objective

Now, you need to select an objective for your campaign. An important thing to consider is that if you select conversion-oriented objectives you can pay per action, but for exposure objectives, you will pay for impressions (number of time your ad will appear). We would recommend starting with “consideration”.

Step 3 - Choose your audience

This is the key aspect of your campaign, you need to select a few elements that will define your strategy. First of all, the location:

You can choose to target people who live in the area you have selected
(perfect for local guests)

People who are located in your selected area at this very moment
(perfect if you are looking for guests at a specific moment)

People who are located nearby but that are from another country
(Perfect for tourists)

Now, you can select your target by using the map from Facebook. We recommend you to choose your neighborhood (the larger your area, the less efficient your campaign will be).

Afterward, you can select the age, sex, and language of the guest, you want to attract.

You can also refine your campaign by adding some advanced targeting elements. For instance, if you are a fine dining restaurant, you could choose to narrow your target audience to those who liked the “finedininglovers” page on Facebook to see your ad.

As you make your choices, keep an eye on the meter (right side of the page), which indicates the breadth of your audience selection, and the estimated daily reach chart. If it is green, you are doing well!

Step 4 - Budget

Once you have selected all the above-mentioned elements, you can choose a budget for your campaign. We recommend you to start with a small budget (5-10€) to find out what works best for your restaurant. You can also decide to run your ad on a schedule, it may be the most efficient way to spend your budget since you can choose only to serve your ad when your target audience is most likely to be on Facebook (At 11h, people might start to think about what they will eat).

Step 5 - The Ad

Here comes the creative aspect of your campaign, you need to determine if you want to promote your restaurant through a picture or a video. We recommend you to start with a picture (it requires less investment than a video). Do not forget the preview tool at the bottom of the page to make sure your ad looks good on mobile and laptop.

Furthermore, you need to write down a short text that will be displayed with your picture. It needs to be very short and perhaps with a direct link so that people can easily visit your website or book a table

Once your ad is online, you can decide to stop it at any moment. You will also receive a full report on the performance of your  (number of people reached, number of clicks, etc.). Seatris offers a 50€ budget to help you in getting more guests via Facebook. To learn more about how can Seatris assist you, feel free to contact us.