4 steps to make your restaurant website BETTER!


Having a good website is key for your restaurant image. Indeed, Google says 61% of users are unlikely to return to a mobile site they had trouble accessing, and 40% visit a competitor’s site instead (1). In this article, we want to give you the best tips to make your website a true asset in your strategy.

1) Do not upload PDF versions or pictures of your menus

One of the first things, visitors want to see is your menu. We are still surprised to see that many restaurants still use pictures or even worse PDFs for this purpose. This is a real issue for your website's ranking on Google search engine.

Solution: The dishes on your menu must be manually written onto your restaurant menu page (HTML) so the text can be analyzed by search engines. We recommend you to keep the menu visible on one page - in one visible area- if possible so the users will not need to scroll too much to find the meals they want to have.

2) Link your social media profiles to your website

Visitors tend to also check your social media profiles just after visiting your website. Needless to say that linking your social media profiles will help you boost your website ranking in search engines.

According to your target, we recommend that you highlight the content created by your guests on Instagram. Say a user decided to share decided to share the latest experience in your restaurant by posting a nice photo on his/her Instagram account. You can share that photo with a specific hashtag used on Instagram, that is called embedding (click here, to learn how to do it).

3) Pay attention to your visual identity

It goes without saying that you should invest in appealing pictures. We still stumble across fine dining restaurants using pictures taken by mobile phones. Along with food photos, you should also have images that capture your restaurant’s ambiance.

Our partner, WhiteKitchen, proposes an exclusive offer for professional quality pictures.

4) Have clear goals

We have noticed that restaurant websites often make this mistake: lots of content, no focus. As a result, you get a confused visitor who struggles with finding the information he/she is seeking.

The primary goals of your website must be simple: make a positive impression of your restaurant, and make it easy for your website's visitors to book a table or a walk-in. Other elements should be eliminated or “tweaked”, whether it involves design, information or functionality.

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