4 reasons why all restaurants should use Google My Business


Before any booking platform, your restaurant is listed on Google which represents a huge marketing channel. Your ranking, reviews, and information are hosted by Google in a way you cannot always control. Recently,

Google has released a new version of “Google My Business” which allows you to control your information online. If you have not claimed your account, we strongly recommend you to do it now. In this article, we will teach you how to make the most out of this new release to improve your restaurant image and perhaps help you rely a little bit less on traditional booking companies.

Upgrade your website

Many restaurants struggle with the design aspect of their website. Google has created a free and easy-to-use website builder. Since Google has already much information about your restaurant, you will not need to add much content but rather just confirm them.

The website will also be responsive which means guests can also visit your website on every screen whether it's a computer, a tablet or a phone. Finally, the website will be SEO-friendly which means you will have a good ranking on search engine results.

Attract more guests

Google enables you to promote the latest news about your restaurant on its search engine. By doing so, you can tremendously increase your reach and increase your chances to be seen by potential guests. Your posts like daily specials or seasonal updates will give customers more reasons to come back. 

The idea is for you to reach beyond your followers or the users of any given booking website; With Google, give everyone searching for your business a reason to come in by posting updates and offers directly to your local listing on Google.

Harness the power of data

In 2018, data is crucial to your success. Indeed, with precise numbers, you can better adapt your communication strategy and therefore help your restaurant stand out from the rest. With Google, learn in real-time how visitors are interacting with your website, how people find you and where they are coming from.

Google can also help with your local marketing strategy. You will be able to target with ads those living nearby your restaurant to strengthen your local guests approach.

Furthermore, … It’s FREE
Google My Business is entirely free for your restaurant.

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