We are changing the way teams fill their restaurant seats forever.

Today Seatris.ai is a smart online reservation and table management app. It allows guests to reserve tables online and restaurants to daily manage bookings, tables and guests. In 2017 we started to think about how we can solve the dynamics of restaurant bookings, that often times lead to industry losses of about one Million Euros per year. We found out that all kind of restaurants do have a problem with filling their space a 100%. Either the restaurant is fully booked, but has to deal with booking changes, last minute cancellations or no-shows leaving seats unrefilled. Or the restaurant doesn’t know how to market availabilities across all online channels and the space never gets filled up to even 70%. Our team came up with an idea for the first AI-based table management tool for restaurants, that automates all booking challenges and supports the restaurant team to reach the goal of being a successful restaurant now and in the future.

In 2017 the company applied for the IBB ProFIT program to receive official fundings and support from the EFRE - the European fund for regional developments. EFRE is co-financing this project since in Sommer 2018 the IBB approved the application and Seatris.ai started to create what we call:

The first restaurant assistance system

Seatris.ai will be the first intelligent restaurant management assistant for restaurant front-of-house teams. Our assistants use artificial intelligence to achieve what we design them for: to one the one hand react on any change that happens with a booking, to optimise the floor and on the other hand to push available seats to any marketing channel that is available for the restaurant.

The expected results of the IBB funding program is to establish a fully-flexible order and table management solution for the restaurant team, that has a seating assistant, a yield & marketing assistant, as well as a data science foundation to help restaurant teams sell all their seats and learn to improve their operations by facts and data.

The automation-based Seatris.ai eco-system will allow restaurant teams to fully focus on the guest and let the ground communication work as well as the success-driven assistance system work for them in the background. Smart tech, that becomes invisible!

Welcome to the future of restaurant bookings.