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Seatris is the next generation Restaurant Assistance System. As we are wrapping up the initial product development stage, we are now entering the growth and industrialization phase with the focus on product optimisation, artificial intelligence, and internationalization. Therefore we are looking for dedicated employees, people with the passion and excellent skill sets for either technology, sales, client management and support, or business development. Find our job offers here:



One day you want to be part of a great management team? Why not join right now? This is your opportunity to get your hands dirty with the nitty gritty of building a company from scratch. 

Operations & People Management Assistant (m/f)

Business Development, working student (m/f)



Marketing and growth

You are either a highly creative storyteller or an analytical mastermind but either way you are an open-minded individual with a strong passion for marketing and communication.

Team Lead Marketing (m/f)

Growth Marketing, working student (m/f)

Sales Assistant, working student (m/f)

PR Assistant, intern/working student (m/f)