Moaaz Ashour
Junior Web Developer

Hi, I am Moaaz Ashour, Junior Web Developer at Seatris. My tasks are to support my fellow developers in building this amazing software.


Why did you decide to work at Seatris?
The purpose and main goal of the company played an important role. Moreover, I really appreciated the friendly environment. These elements helped me take my decision as well.

How did you join the company?
After I graduated from SPICED Academy, a full-time Web Development Bootcamp based in Berlin, I got a job offer from Seatris through the Bundesagentur für Arbeit. It was literally the next day I graduated. I was so happy. I feel blessed.

What is your own background?
I studied English Literature in Syria, Damascus University of literature.

Why do you believe, Seatris is a great product?
Seatris puts an end to no-show fees in which, in my opinion is what makes Seatris unique.

What do you think makes Seatris different from other companies?
From online bookings, the reseat waitlist to the Seatris manager which lets you manage daily guests & tables and eventually build up a database of guests so it helps you promote your special offers! Plus, being a no-show killer, Seatris makes it so easy to manage restaurants’ bookings and last-minute availabilities.

What have you done that makes you feel proud in life?
Helping my family back in Syria makes me feel so proud of myself. They gave me a decent life. I am  where I am because of them.

What was the best meal of your life?
I love food. I do not know if I have a favorite meal really. I just love whatever I make or get served to me in a plate. I would say I love anything with seafood the most.

What does great restaurant service mean for you?
Hygiene is number one quality I would consider. It is considered part of a restaurant service in my opinion. Food quality comes second. Restaurant environment comes third.

What games did you play, when you were 16?
Oh I played lots of games and still play them until now. Some might consider them old fashioned but playing them give me lots of nice memories. NES Battle City, Road Fighter and Bomberman. I also used to play PlayStation since version 1. I liked Winning Eleven and played all of its versions.

What games or sports in general are you a master of?
I do not consider myself a master of any of these. I just like such as games chess and sports like football, basketball, tennis, table tennis and of course, swimming. Activities like running once in a while is a must.