Seatris Network

Are you ready for win-win?

Get credits for guiding customers to your friend’s restaurant when you are fully booked. Reduce your dependency on international booking platforms- and the money you spend on them.


Become independent. Take back control of your marketing money.

Create your network

You or one of your friends is always fully booked early in advance? Great, because you can earn extra provision fees, when connecting to your friend's business and start recommending them.

This is how Seatris Network can be used by you and your friends:


Select restaurants you want to support in Seatris Settings and build your network.


Your guests get notified, for special offers from you and your connected restaurants

You help fill the restaurants in your Network. They pay you for your success and help fill your restaurant in return. Win win.

Ready for win-win

Work with your Network of restaurants to promote special offers, open tables and cancelled tables. Skip the never-ending and expensive queue at the booking platforms.

Your customers will love it and your Network restaurants will love it. With Seatris Network, everybody wins.

Seatris Team

"Hi, this is Vivien. I am founder and CEO of Seatris. Having a background as a former assistant general manager for Michelin-starred restaurants and being a technology nerd, I am glad to share my deep knowledge and expertise about restaurant technology with you.

Seatris Network is one of our newest products, which we are testing in a Berlin-based network of restaurants. It is perfect for restaurant groups as well as private owned restaurants, who want to interact with their customers and drive in more bookings by self-initiated marketing activities."

Vivien Richter
Chief Executive Officer
Restaurant Group Tech Stack Consultant
phone: +49 30 81 45 40 400