Seatris Manager

Manage your daily guests, bookings and tables. Get statistics and daily performance data.  Build up a searchable guest database with regulars and potential guests to promote special offers and last-minute availabilities.


Operate multiple outlets with one system and from one device.

Set up different access levels and roles for staff members.



Streamline and share the same guest book across multiple outlets

No-Show Killer

Put an end to no-shows. Take credit card verifications for certain days, times or big groups. Sell pre-paid tickets and vouchers. All bookings can be secured by a two-step verification.

International, secure, PCI-conform.

Legally take bookings with credit card guarantees and then charge a fee if the guest doesn’t turn up.

Reseat Waitlist

Refill cancelled tables automatically with the Reseat waitlist. The Reseat algorithm stores the request details of waitlisted diners and refills cancelled tables through smart match making.


Diners subscribe

Potential guests subscribe to a waitlist when your restaurant is full, allowing you to capture the contact details of everyone interested in your business.

Seatris Assistant offers seats

The Seatris Assistant keeps track of cancellations and booking changes, replacing newly opened tables with waitlisted guests.

Online Bookings

Take bookings online 24/7 with or without credit card verifications. Create, sell and promote events and special offers or sought-after tables. The booking form can be tailor made to meet your branding needs.

Integrate the link on your website and social media channels. Sell special events and promotions via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or messenger services. Share the booking form with your media partners.


Be available at any time and let Seatris take down bookings for you 24/7. 

Seatris Team

"Hi, I am Martina, Chief Product Officer of Seatris. We daily work with our tech-team to build a strong and unique product for you. As "techies" we love to learn from your business experience.

The Seatris Manager was designed together with people like me, having a long-term background in the tech business and you, having incredible skills, when hosting people and preparing wonderful dining experiences for your customers."

Martina Schlager